Monday, July 24, 2017

A Fight in the Mountain Home of the Bandits

     Feeling the losses among the Boers and Scots the British no longer rejected the offered troops. Two units of Irregular foot were provided by the Governor. Still sniffing the air for trouble the English commander assigned these troops to the advance guard  with the idea that they were best placed in front of the British guns, just in case they went turncoat.

     Breathlessly climbing the ragged mountains on the interior the British troops pressed the bandit army as it fled. With each step the mountains towered higher above and the air became thinner but they pushed on with but one thought in their minds; the rescue of their captive brothers. Spurred by a righteous sense of vengeance they clambered over scree covered hillsides and jagged outcrops of stone until they came to the highland valleys that were the home of the bandits. The Scots felt oddly at home looking at the towering mountains that cradled the little green valleys; that is until they began to take fire from those same mountains, "Back to work Laddies, there is a battle to fight here" shouted the Sgt Major.

seen from the Bandit side; learning a lesson from the last encounter with British firepower the bandits used the ample cover to conceal themselves from the enemy

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vengance on Vectis! (Or; Feel Her Majesty's Wrath!)

        Rightfully wroth at the treatment given to Her Majesty's surveying expedition the Full Might and Righteous Anger of the Britannic Forces were brought to bear against the "bandits" that were responsible. Deep suspicions about the way in which the "bandits" had acquired a cannon in the last battle were set quietly aside (no doubt these will be addressed soon!) on the theory that you can only solve one problem at a time.

     Spurning the offer of a couple of regiments of local troops the English began to hunt the bandits. By a series of rapid marches the British were able to trap the Bandit army before it could escape to its mountain fastness; the speed of their retreat was shown by the fact that the Bandits discarded their cannon during their flight. All was to no avail as they were trapped in a narrow valley just miles short of their mountain home. Knowing that escape was now impossible they turned like cornered rats to face the Fury of the Sons of Albion.

the bandit army deployed to cover the escape of its baggage train their flanks were well secured
 but the vast open area between the armies did not bode well against the firepower of the Brits

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Up Close and Personal #3, The Forces of the Mexican Emperor

Mexican Empire

Our Governor General, His Excellency, Doctor, President, the Conti de Monte Cisco
(in Her Majesty's Name miniature)

Monday, June 19, 2017

These men are NOT our friends

Battle #1, A Villager\ now named Matanzas

1)  The Mexicanish Army resting peacefully in the blessings of God's embrace. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Revenge For The Fallen, The Battle of Sigmundstad

     Having convinced the allied Vikings that the American forces are worthy and doughty opponents General Custer invited them to join him in avenging the defeated Steam Walker. Knowing that one of Sigmund's giants was now dead, and the other heartily battered the Vikings leapt at the opportunity. Truw to form they called upon Sigmund to rally his troops and meet them on the field in froont of Sigmundstad.
      Sigmund the Harsh, long contemptuous of his southern neighbors, agreed instantly. The situation was now set for a truly titanic battle.

Sigmund's array consisted of his Hearthguard in the center, 
flanked on either side by his Berserkers, then the bulk of his warriors and finally some Bondi,
 the giant was held in reserve behind the Hearthguard

Monday, June 5, 2017

OPFOR #7 The Iroquois Conferderacy

a war-party plots strategy

     Recognizing that they needed a stronger response to the advances of their aggressive neighbors the Iroquois and the surrounding tribes formed a Confederacy to guarantee mutual support. As the years passed the Iroquois have taken over more of the levers of power, to the point that they are the de-facto rulers of the Confederacy. Recently they have begun to add tribes to the Confederacy, by invitation, or failing that, by force.The Confederacy has begun organizing at higher levels, building cities on defensive mounds and acquiring more modern firearms. Rumor has it that they have even started to manufacture their own weapons. This shift toward a more settled life has provided them with more staying power in a fight but has tied them to defending fixed positions, so far the strategy has paid off.