Rules; Amended and added

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Price revision on small Lighter than Air Flyers

Check the new price and revise your army list if you bought any

Monday, February 20, 2017

Economies Part III; Accounting Methodology

    Having run a huge open-ended campaign before that fell apart after seven years under the weight of the economic system I have decided to impose a standardized accounting  method on all of the players (people who know my political persuasions are allowed to gasp at this point; Regulations, oh my!). The last campaign I failed to do this and was confronted with a different and unique method of accounting by each player. Some were magnificent edifices of clarity (kudos top R.U.P. there) others were, to be generous, inadequate.  This may not be the best system but it is one that gives me instant clarity into the local economy and prevents errors from compounding.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

News Alert! Prussians rumored to be testing new light clockwerke tank!

     In a move that seems to be a direct threat to the balance of power in Neulandia the Prussians were caught testing a new armored clockwreke tank specifically adapted to the local conditions. They claim that the vehicle was brought here simply "for field exercises in a real-world environment".  The vehicle seems unlike anything seen thus fer in Europe which argues that it has been designed for local combat conditions.

our intrepid reported took this picture in the warehouse that
the Prussians had the hidden the vehicle away in 

     All hyperbole aside this is one of the models from Eureka's Pax Limpopo range and it bears the magnificent title  "Aufziehpickelhaubenstahlspahpanzerfahrzeug Ausf A". They have many other whimsical models, along with a host of other (more serious) products. Take a look.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Economies Part II, Fixed Assets and Such

     The stuff that you came here to build, because nothing says "Civilization" like making other people build things that they don't want. These improvements upon the native landscape such as fortifications, mines, dams, factories and so on help to protect your troops, enhance income  and utilize resources.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Economies; Hey, you guys insisted!

the point of it all

     At the insistence of the other players I am adding this economic section. It will be broken down into three sections; sources of income, cost of improvements and bookkeeping standards (yawn!). I am using the base model that we developed for the old Daftrica campaign and just adjusting the values to reflect the lower points cost of troops under TMWWBK. I am also scrapping the high-powered multiplier effect of factories and steam engines to keep the budgets to a manageable size.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rules Amendments Part VII; Creatures Great and Small

     There are many creatures that live in Neulandia that are outside the usual; larger, fiercer (or both !) than horses. Some are useful as draft animals, others are just  terrifying bits of local fauna. Elephants, hippos, rhinos, Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh My!) along with other imponderable terrors lurk in the woods, rivers, mountains and plains of Neulandia. Beasts are always treated as Irregulars for command purposes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rules Amendments Part VI, Land Conveyances


     Conveyances  are all of the vehicles we will be using that are not powered exclusively by muscle. In our period that means steam almost exclusively (players wishing to research actual alternative power sources will find a lot of creative thought going on in the late 19th Century, and it wasn't only Tesla!).