Rules; Amended and added

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Old Sarge has been at it again!

       My life-long pal OldSarge has been grinding away and searching the far corners of the interwebs seeking figures to use in our Campaign. He has located some real gems and linked to them om his blog. Take a look at Hinterland Miniatures a company that does some delightfully different figures. He uncovered a company that I was entirely unfamiliar with; Tiger Miniatures who produce figures for the US Army in the Spanish American War,  and of course, the opposing Spanish Army as well as the one that REALLY caught my eye German Colonial troops all are nicely detailed and robustly proportioned minis. Next he has Studio Miniature excellent British Colonial Range in the 1890s uniforms. He also reminded me of the large and wildly mustachioed Artizan Design range of Northwest Frontier minis. Blacktree Design, one company that I was actually aware of, has expanded their range and done a fine job of it. Finally, moving away from the strictly historical figures he points our attentions to Ironclad Miniature, who produce a range of plausible looking VSF troops and vehicles, just the thing I need for my Prussian Armored Corps!

      Thanks again to OldSarge, when I get some time I will dedicate an page solely to links to minis ranges that he has uncovered.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Her Majesty's Expedition forces

The Royal troops for the expedition are as follows

1 x Elite Sharpshooter regular infantry ( Guards)   9 pts
1 x Fierce regular infantry Highlanders                   7 pts
1 x Irregular infantry ( Militia) unhappy Irish         4 pts
1 x Irregular cav unit (Volunteers)                           4 pts
1 x well drill pom pom gun unit                              6 pts
   total                                                                     30 pts

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Just to make thing clear

     Just to clarify the situation as to the beginning of the first year

     Each player gets 60 points worth of military assets, if they choose to do so they may trade away some of these for trading posts, embassies and additional outposts. All other structures will have to wait for year two.

      Each player can claim one city and three additional areas in their sphere of influence as their initial colony.

      Each player gets one medium size steam-powered boat  (no, you cannot trade it for a zeppelin)

      Each player now has their maps showing the areas that can be seen from shipboard, they will mark on these maps their plan of campaign for the first  year, if their plan involved going deeper into the interior I will provide them with additional information as they discover it. They are free to release information to the other players about their discoveries (if they so choose).

The Anerican colony

     I seem to have overlooked this before. Here is the American claim  in Nuelandia.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Suddenly the Russians place a claim

After many months of silence and rumors there has been a simple announcement  from the Kremlin:
"The Russian Empire claims ownership of this territory for the formation of New Russia. 

The enshrined territory belongs solely to the Imperial Russian sphere of influence, and all past and future claims to the territory are rendered void and/or illegal."
So another hat has been thrown into the ring, at least the snowy wastes of the far south will not be unfamiliar territory to the Slavic Warriors of Mother Russia!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Prussians Make Further Developments!!!!

    In an even more startling discovery our intrepid reporter has discovered yet another Prussian atrocity in the making; the Gruson 5.3cm L/24 Fahrpanzer. A bizarre armored weapon platform that he has overheard the soldiers referring to as the "Dalek type einze". Even the troops involved in the field testing seem unnerved by this horrifying contraption!

 actually this is a REAL historical weapon built by the Prussians in 1890
 and used into the Great War

Monday, February 27, 2017

Invaluable Image Resource

        Having lowered the price of Lighter than Air Flyers I expect that I shall see them in everyone's army list  fairly soon. Find yourself a comfortable seat because this one is addictive; I present here an invaluable visual reference, Rosebud's WW1 and Early  Aviation Image Archive  

      For those contemplating Heavier than Air machines take a look at Flying Machines for some period appropriate images and ideas, the warning about a comfy seat applies here as well.