Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Duplicity Abounds!!!

     In a stunning display of underhanded violence the Khalsa have attacked the British exploratory mission on the Island of Vectis. The British had sent a small force upriver on a Goodwill Mission to demonstrate the benefits of interacting with Her Majesty's Empire and to assess the local peoples and resources. As they camped peacefully on the shore they were vilely attacked by the armed forces of the local governor.

as dawn breaks the British sentries notice that there is 
more than the local wildlife in the distance 
no local bandits these, they have artillery!

rapidly rallying from their peaceful sleep
the British meet the first rush of the enemy with a nail of hot lead and cold steel 
casualties are profuse on both sides

pounded by gunfire and artillery shells as they awoke 
the British manfully rallied to the task and stood firm on the other flank

a second rush by the swordsmen was shown off in grand style by the Boys from Blighty

     After a short and sharp engagement the British retired to their boat, unsure of how many more treacherous locals lurked in the tree line. Protests by the Khalsa that this was just a group of local thugs or bandits is disproven by the presence of an artillery piece that was served by highly trained gunners. No doubt the Empire will take corrective action and sort through this matter in no short order. The sterling qualities that have long marked the Tommy were on display here; unflappable calm in the face of the enemy, precise shooting and an unflinching steadiness when using the bayonet. The enemy will soon have a new-found respect for the Sons of Albion.


  1. The local governor is going to pay dearly. After the expedition commander in chief heard about this underhanded attacked. The order is going out to the troops to take the province under force. God save the Queen... Oh the Irish Volunteer Inf is very upset about the capture of two Irish lads. Plus the loss of fine Irish whisky that was lost at the camp.

  2. The gallant stand of these lads shall not be forgotten

    1. America commends the bravery of our Anglo bretheren