Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Revenge For The Fallen, The Battle of Sigmundstad

     Having convinced the allied Vikings that the American forces are worthy and doughty opponents General Custer invited them to join him in avenging the defeated Steam Walker. Knowing that one of Sigmund's giants was now dead, and the other heartily battered the Vikings leapt at the opportunity. Truw to form they called upon Sigmund to rally his troops and meet them on the field in froont of Sigmundstad.
      Sigmund the Harsh, long contemptuous of his southern neighbors, agreed instantly. The situation was now set for a truly titanic battle.

Sigmund's array consisted of his Hearthguard in the center, 
flanked on either side by his Berserkers, then the bulk of his warriors and finally some Bondi,
 the giant was held in reserve behind the Hearthguard

Custer arranged his troops in a similar fashion, Hearthguard in the center, backstopped by a contingent of disembarked sailors, flanks by warriors and cavalry, bondi archers 
(of which there were many) screened the front and flanks,
Custer got the first move and launched the army straight at Sigmund's forces

the bondi archers proved tougher than expected and greatly slowed the flanking attacks

in the center the mere sight of the cavalry provoked a Wild Charge by Sigmund's Berserkers

in support the Herathguards charged foward

things went poorly for the cavalry

on the right the bondi archers paid the price for being slow in getting away,
 but they were avenged by their warrior brethren

despite some casualties, and the chaos caused by the impetous Berserkers,
the center of Sigmund's line held firm

but things were changing on the left, 
the bondi archers had pushed back Sigmund's warriors and now battered them with a hail of arrows,
the ravens would feast tonight, two units of allied warriors waited to enter the fray

then, in an unexpected and shattering blow the swabbies destroyed the Heathguard  leaving a yawning hole in the very center of Sigmund's line, the giant strode into this gap 
daring any to challenge him

the cavalry foolishly tried

on the left the warriors would be denied no longer and charged around the woods looking for the foe, while the allied Hearthguard lined up to take on the giant

to assist them in this effort the bondi archers and the cannon of the gunboat gave fire

on the left the bondi archers froze the opposing warrior unit 
pinning them in place with their arrow-storm

perhaps overconfident from their earlier success the swabbies charged into the last unit of Berserkers, they paid the ultimate price

the allied warriors avenged them

the five remaining allied Hearthguard, seeking a place in Valhalla, boldly charged the giant

and they will feast with Odin tomorrow

fresh from breaking the Berserkers the warriors tried their hand against the giant

and were rewarded with success

     His Hearthguards dead, his Berserkers slain and his giant fallen Sigmund gathered his few remaining warriors and fled the field swearing that he would return and settle the score. Custer and his allies laughed and heaped scorn upon his foolish pride, begging him to return as soon as he was able.

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