Monday, June 19, 2017

These men are NOT our friends

Battle #1, A Villager\ now named Matanzas

1)  The Mexicanish Army resting peacefully in the blessings of God's embrace. 

2)  Meanwhile the Native Heathen Pagan Pig Dogs attempt to sneak up and interrupt God's will.  

3)  The Cadiz Battalion is alert and on duty.  They allow the pagans to move within range and then open fire as the filth attempt to set up their ill-gotten foreign equipment. 

4)  Minor harm is revisited on the boys from Cadiz in return.  

5)  At the same time, The Grenaderos de Poder Supremo turn the tables on the creeping heathen Thugees, and the Presidials roll into action.  

 6)  First Contact!  

7)  A View from Altitude as the free flyer scans for further Heathens and moves into firing position.  

8)  The Scout Car takes a rolling start down hill and into action.  

9)  The elevated gun opens fire to gauge the range.  

10)  The Carbiniers de Poder Supremo drive off another Thugee flock

11)  As the Grenaderos finish off their birds


Battle #2
This time the Thugees attempted to try and match Machismo with the Mexicanish Expedition, since their skull duggery failed abysmally, let us see how that fared?  

1)  The Thugees deployed their Chariots to our left, we countered by deploying our Mexican infantry and the scout car hoping to over whelm and turn the Thugee Right Flank.  The Tethered Balloon was deployed to the rear as it can see, and fire, over terrain.  

2)  The Filthy, Heathen, Cur, Thugees advance. 

 3)  The Chariots crash into the Guanajuatos (no small feat since the officer of the Guanajuatos will retire any time he is within range of an enemy unit), but the Guanajuatos give as good as they get and drive off the chariots. 

 4)  Meanwhile the blimp serenely peddles to the enemy side scanning the horizon for any late arriving heathens. 

 5)  In what was initially perceived as bravery on our part, the Thugee cavalry advanced into the center (It turned out later that they were riding drunken horses and the horses advanced against their riders wishes due to the fire of their own canons on the hill behind them).

6)  Due to inherent cowardice, most of the heathens cower in fear and refuse to advance leaving their cavalry and a few brave souls to advance to their doom.  

 7)  Fire begins to tell on the Cavalry and the Carbiniers slam into the lone brave Thugee flock.

8)  Another view of the same.

9)  On the Left, the AguaCalientes advanced and obliterated the Chariots.  

10)  Thugee drunken Cavalry is properly packed off by combined firepower.  

11)  Unfortunately, on the extreme right of the army the Presidials and Carbiniers due to some poor rolling and standing around under fire were receiving some notable punishment including the death of the Presidial's commander Eduardo Pescado who unfortunately was killed by enemy fire. 

12)  Finally, the combined efforts of the Armed balloon and the free flyer obliterated one of the Thugee guns and reduced the other gun to its last man who chose to run off.  Once their guns lit out, the rest of the army followed suit and victory was achieved

God be praised for another victory of Mexicanish Arms and the Christian Way over Heathenism. Rest in Peace Eduardo, Mi Amigo.  . 

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