Saturday, June 24, 2017

Up Close and Personal #3, The Forces of the Mexican Emperor

Mexican Empire

Our Governor General, His Excellency, Doctor, President, the Conti de Monte Cisco
(in Her Majesty's Name miniature)

Foreground - 1st Battalion de Guanajuato (Miniature Hut Nicaraguans)
Rear -   1st Battalion de Seville  (Old Glory Spanish)
Left -   Light Traction Land Conveyence with a few brave souls on board (Reviresco Mexicans in Model T)

Foreground Left  - 1st Battalion Aguacaliente  (Miniature Hut Nicaraguans)
Foreground Right  -  Governor General, his assistant Pancho and youthful ward Joachim
(all In Her Majesty's Name)
Rear -  1st Battalion de Cadiz  (Old Glory Spanish)
Foreground  -  "C" troop Presidials de AguaCaliente  (Home made miniature combining some unknown seated figures with craft store tricycles and some left over martian guns for the steam engines)
Rear Left  -  "B" Troop Carbinier de Poder Supremo (Eureka Miniatures, Pax Limpopo range)
Light, Lighter than air Flyer (by Reviresco) with some different unknown seated miniatures along for the ride. 

Fore Ground "A" Troop Grenaderos de Poder Supremo  (Eureka Miniatures, Pax Limpopo range)
Rear  -  Another view of the Carbinier

Armed Tethered Lighter than Air Flyer  -  Home made miniature (Craft store "papermache 80mm ball, net, tart pan and floral card fork, along with an Old Glory Spanish Dynamite gun and gunners)

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