Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finally Finished the Map!

Behold below the finished terrain map of Neulandia!

It is Magnificent! (or at least I think so)

I have yet to section off the land for movement purposes but that is much easier than concocting a continent and trying to construct some sort of coherent terrain. Players can see what is visible from shore/ship and areas where some local knowledge has come about through casual contact with the natives. Certain areas are not completely obscured, players can feel free to withdraw/amend/or change entirely their previous claims based on a reassessment of the land. The yellow dots represent significant cities. Players are allowed to claim one as the base of their colony. It comes with the adjoining zone. They will be allowed to claim two zones as the basis of the colony. I suggest that they are directly adjacent to (or at least very nearby) to the city. The scale is 50 miles to the inch on the map, the board that it is painted on is 25 inches across, to give a sense of scale.

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